New DK Organic Wool in 50g Balls in 14 Different Colours

Launch of New DK Organic Wool

Cornish Organic Wool has been producing organic wool for more than 6 years – and/but always in 100g skeins.  Following customer requests, moving to 50g balls should be a simple process one would think.  But, in reality, it has taken over 2 years work.  The 100g skeins were hand dyed in Cornwall but moving to 50g balls meant machine dyeing the wool on cones before it was wound off into balls and – at the time Cornish Organic started looking into this process – there wasn’t an organically certified dye house in England capable of handling significant quantities.

Two years on and a dye house has now obtained Soil Association Certification and organically dyeing on the cone is finally possible.  Not only does this mean that 50g balls of pure, 100% British organically certified wool is now available in a range of 14 fantastic colours; it also means that it is now possible to produce machine knitting wool on the cone for manufacturers.

In line with the Company’s ethos from the start, this means that Cornish Organic Wool’s product is still produced entirely within the UK; thereby supporting British sheep farmers, scourers, spinners and dyers and the entire process is still completed to strict Soil Association standards making this wool truly British and Organic.