Knitted home items for a royal makeover

Wool is one of the traditional materials that people have been using for ages. Due to modern demand, a short supply of yarn, and an increase

Enjoying the Craft of Knitting

There are so many different types of crafts that can be enjoyed, but one that has been around for many years is the art of knitting.


A sock is a clothing garment which is worn on the feet. Today, socks come in varying shapes and sizes and are available in a wide


A very traditional style of fabric in several countries, tweed and the various patterns that it can comprise of, have been an essential part of local


The process of wet felting involves pouring hot water to layers of animal hairs while agitating and compressing the hairs. This process causes the fib


One of the oldest and most straightforward garments, dresses have been an essential part of many cultures throughout history, including through to tod


A crown is a form of headwear which is mostly symbolic, having little to no practical purpose. Crowns are typically worn exclusively by monarchs or ru


A polymer which is known to contain the ester functional group in its main chain is commonly referred to as polyester, shortened from polyethene terep


One of the oldest known fibres used by humans is cotton, which has been in use by early civilisations from at least 3400 BC, although some

How To Make Knitting a Fun and Beneficial Hobby

In the modern world that is full of pressures, it is so gratifying to have a hobby that gives you pleasure. Something that gives you relaxation