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How to Use Wall Art to Compliment Your Knitting Decor

Arguably every person who loves knitting has an item of woollen decor in their house. A good number own a hand-knitted scarf, shawl, sweater, or other

Knitting Could Promote Mental Health

Do you like knitting? Believe it or not, knitting could help you feel good, melt away stress, make more social connections, and stay in the present.

Advice For Beginners Just Getting Started With Knitting

If you’re only just getting started with knitting, then you may be wondering where to begin and if any tips and tricks are available to help

Choosing Posters for Knitting Rooms

Knitting is usually a very time-consuming hobby. It can take a person many days to finish one project. Therefore, experienced enthusiasts prefer to dedicate a room

Learn a New Craft

Knitting is one of those crafts that some people may only associate with elderly ladies, but recently it has seen a revival in popularity. More and

Get serious about crafting

Lots of people love crafting and might just spend a little time knitting or card making, but anyone who has a passion for crafting will need

Knitting as a Form of Convalescence

Knitting has been around for many years as a form of creating individual clothing items such as jumpers or as a mass production tool to craft

Decorating a Knitting Room

Knitting is undoubtedly a popular hobby for a variety of reasons. It both relaxes the person knitting and rewards them with an item once their task

Volunteer Knitting Projects

There are so many crafters whose favourite hobby is knitting. This is something they enjoy doing for hours at a time. They often run into one

Using Knit Items To Spruce Up Your Home

When people think about knitting what usually comes to mind is knitted items that they can wear. Or for some they may think about wool blankets.