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Floral Knitting Inspiration

It is fairly common for flowers to feature on knitted clothing. There are several reasons for this. Floral designs are popular around the world and therefore


A sock is a clothing garment which is worn on the feet. Today, socks come in varying shapes and sizes and are available in a wide


One of the oldest and most straightforward garments, dresses have been an essential part of many cultures throughout history, including through to tod


A crown is a form of headwear which is mostly symbolic, having little to no practical purpose. Crowns are typically worn exclusively by monarchs or ru


Wearing jewellery has been traced back to prehistoric times, being part of almost every culture which has ever existed. It has been speculated that it


Undoubtedly, one of the oldest articles of clothing, footwear refers to garments which are worn on the feet. The purpose has changed over the years fr