Floral Knitting Inspiration

It is fairly common for flowers to feature on knitted clothing. There are several reasons for this. Floral designs are popular around the world and therefore will sell well. A flower pattern will often be made up of overlapping circles which are easy to replicate on knitted material.

If the person designing this garment needs inspiration they could order flowers online. The website https://flo-rea.com/en features an impressively extensive catalogue. There are plenty of different flower species to purchase. These products are delivered straight to the knitter’s home.

A Reference Point

When the person has real flowers in front of them it gives them a good reference point for the knitting project. As a result the clothes will feature a pattern that looks more realistic. This technique is regularly utilised by still life painters. The flowers available from https://flo-rea.com/en are affordable enough for knitters with a tight budget.

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