The process of wet felting involves pouring hot water to layers of animal hairs while agitating and compressing the hairs. This process causes the fibres to hook together and weave themselves into a single piece of fabric. There are a limited number of textures which can be produced using wet felting; most types of animal fur are suitable for wet felting, as long as the hair or fur has tiny scales, similar to those found on human hair. Plant fibres and synthetic fibres are not suitable for wet felting, as they do not combine together in the required way.

>Needle felting is another method of creating felted objects without the need for using water. Special needles are used to create 3D sculptures; there are notches along the shaft of the needle to catch the fibres and tangle them together with other fibres, creating felt.

The Japanese style of kawaii felting just means to make an object cute, typically involving small or young animals. Kawaii sculptures are often designed in playful ways, as a method of demonstrating the skills of the artist, and are designed in contrast to traditional felt sculptures, which are often designed to look rustic or earthy.

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