Get serious about crafting

Lots of people love crafting and might just spend a little time knitting or card making, but anyone who has a passion for crafting will need to have a few things in place if they want to get the most from their hobbies.

Crafting space

Anyone with a hobby that requires a lot of equipment or supplies will need to have a dedicated space. If you have a spare room in your home then that problem is solved – you commandeer it for yourself and fill it with your crafting stash. You could put in large sectioned shelf units so that you have space for supplies such as yarn, knitting needles, files filled with patterns and even a knitting machine if you prefer an automated process.

The knitting wool can be organised by colour or type and for many serious knitters, their crafting rooms start to resemble a wool shop after just a month or two as they add to their stash, but they know that they will need to have different types and colours so that they can work on different projects.

Consider then some comfort elements for yourself. A very comfortable chair or small sofa if you are knitting. For other crafts, it might be better to have a crafting table – perfect for those who are making jewellery or cards – with an appropriate chair for support as well as comfort. A neutral look for the décor is always a good idea and you can finish off the décor with one of the natural look sisal rugs that will add that feeling of warmth to the room.

Having the crafting space for knitting is ideal for those who try to complete a large number of projects each year because it reduces distractions and will encourage you to stay more organised with your hobby. As an example, if you wanted to try a few projects for charity, such as knitting small dolls or teddy bears for children in hospital, you would be able to see at a glance if you had the materials required or if you needed to plan a trip to the nearest wool shop.

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