Knitting as a Form of Convalescence

Knitting has been around for many years as a form of creating individual clothing items such as jumpers or as a mass production tool to craft the latest designer knitwear. The shops and the internet are full of wool-based products. Still, this hobby initially started out as a cottage industry, such as in Shetland, to provide the world-famous cardigans and jumpers. Many people took to knitting as a way of providing clothing for their families. Still, it can also have beneficial therapeutic uses after an operation. If you consider breast augmentation, then a great way to recover quickly is to engage in knitting. If you are considering such a medical procedure, a company called Motiva could be just the one you are looking for.

Why Consider Motiva?

This company offers a complete breast implant process designed to enhance your physical appearance and mental wellbeing. They offer a selection of breast augmentation implants such as:

  • Ergonomix: This is specially manufactured from the finest quality materials to move, feel and look like the original breast tissue.
  • Anatomical True Fixation: Designed to provide a teardrop-shaped anatomical implant to maintain the authentic appearance of the original breasts.
  • Motiva Round: Offering a full and round upper breast shape.

All of these products are guaranteed from two to five years with extended warranties. They are made from innovative technology such as Progressive gel, True Monobolic and BluSeal technology.

Recovering From Your Operation

Although Motiva offer specialist after surgery care, you will be advised to spend some time recuperating from your operation. What better way than to start knitting or produce the odd children’s woollen garments for your kids or grandchildren? If you have never tried the art of knitting before, then you can study online and hone your skills and techniques. There is no undue stress or physical activity involved, and your recovery period can be time well-spent, as well as productive. You could even attend evening classes and local workshops to meet new people who have the same interests.


Remember your whole journey of breast implants starts and ends with Motiva. From the original consultation to post-operative care, this company provides the best medical services available. Just be sure to set aside some time to recover, as the gentle hobby of knitting could be the perfect way to relax and destress. You could also start a lucrative sideline by making various items to sell online or to friends and family. There are many wool shops available in most towns and cities, and you can have lots of fun choosing different colours for your creations. Check out the Motiva website today, and your search for that perfect figure could start almost immediately. With your new body profile, you could even create some stylish garments to supplement your own wardrobe.

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