Using Knit Items To Spruce Up Your Home

When people think about knitting what usually comes to mind is knitted items that they can wear. Or for some they may think about wool blankets. However wool made items can fall into many other categories especially for those that can enhance the home environment.

Using Wool Items To Highlight Other Décor

One of the most common and favourite of many when it comes to their home décor is prints and poster wall art. There are a lot of choices with this type of art. When quality prints like those found at are used they can add that final touch to any room they are used in.

This addition to the décor can then be further enhanced by utilizing some special pieces of work that have been created from wool.

Picking Up The Colors

One of the ways that wool can be used effectively is by choosing colors that are either going to blend with the colors in the prints or contrast them. The knit items can be large items like beautiful throws that have been hand knitted. Or for smaller projects knitted covers for throw pillows can be created.

The Design

When it comes to prints there are many different categories. Some of these include abstract art that focuses on design. Knitted items can be made to harmonize with these designs. Not only are there many types of wool that can be used there are tons of patterns available to help with choices when it comes to craft projects made with this medium.

Creating A Balance

There are many different types of frames that can be used to complete the look of the prints. Some of these may be rustic with a heavier look to them. Others may be more modern and lighter in nature. When using knit items in the same room they should work in balance with this. So, if the framing is light and modern then a lighter throw should be used as the enhancement. This is easily done as there are different weights of wool. The opposite applies to the rust frames.

Planning The Projects

There are two approaches that can be taken when pairing up the decor with knit items and prints. The prints can be purchased first and then a decision made on what wool projects will be completed. Or a series of knit projects can be completed and the prints bought afterwards to work well with the finished projects.

It is important to think outside the box when it comes to knitting projects. This is a craft that has been around for many years. It is one of the reasons why there are so many manufacturers of wool still doing good business.

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