Volunteer Knitting Projects

There are so many crafters whose favourite hobby is knitting. This is something they enjoy doing for hours at a time. They often run into one major problem. That is what to do with all the knitted items they have completed. Family and friends have received an abundance of these finished projects. The knitter has no desire to turn their hobby into a business, so what is the answer?

Volunteer Knitting

It would not be right for the avid knitter to just hand out their knitted goods to a complete stranger. But what is right and very much appreciated is providing goods to a variety of different organisations. Here are some examples.

  • No Soul Will Be Forgotten: This is an amazing and heartwarming knitting project that was undertaken in Canada. One knitter came up with this idea. The project is comprised of knitting a square to represent the life of each individual that has been taken due to the pandemic in Canada. The founder of this project had a keen desire to put her knitting skills to a worthy cause. The loss of lives in Canada has become so vast due to the virus that this lady knew she could not complete this project herself. She has called upon like-minded individuals to join here in making the squares that will make up this memorable project.

Knitting for the Little Ones

There are thousands of babies that are born and many before their due dates. These are premature and the ones that need extra care. Many hospitals gladly accept little knitted hats to help keep the babies warm and snug.

For Those Who Have Nothing

It is heartbreaking to see the homeless out at night trying to keep warm with no hats or mittens. This is another worthy cause for the knitter looking for a purpose. The finished items can be donated to local organisations that assist the homeless.

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