A crown is a form of headwear which is mostly symbolic, having little to no practical purpose. Crowns are typically worn exclusively by monarchs or rulers of some description, with the crown representing power and legitimacy. It has been theorised that crowns are vital, as they are a symbol for rulers, and point to the fact that the crown will remain long after the monarch has died, and that it is the institution behind the crown which is important, not just the one who wears it.

The use of crowns has diminished over the years as the number of monarchies around the world has decreased, although many countries retain their crown jewels and display them in museums. In the United Kingdom, the Crown Jewels are often on display at various museums, with some pieces being on permanent display at the Tower of London. In some cultures, it was customary for the bride to wear a crown on her wedding day, sometimes with a crown also being worn by the groom. This still regularly takes place in Eastern Orthodox marriages, where the bride and groom are crowned as the king and queen of their future household.

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